Chen Vuong Thai

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2160 Rose Avenue, Burlington, CO 80807
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+1 719-346-6033

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Chen Vuong Thai


  • Torrey Price
    Dec, 03 2017
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
    I know you wouldn't expect to get this type of food in this type of area, but trust me, it is worth your stop.
    My wife and I were driving to Alabama and were so surprised by the reviews that other people left so we decided to stop, and see what all the fuss was about and we sure were happy about it.
    Here's my basic rundown of the place:
    Ambiance (basic, nothing fancy but set the mood, they had 3 tvs playing the big game for that night)
    Portion size: I'm NOT a small guy and I couldn't finish my meal. They were a bit skimpy on the rice so be ready to ask for a couple extra orders if you want enough rice to finish your meal with.
    Taste: Great me. If you are someone who likes a slight sweetness to your meal the curry here is phenomenal. If you are someone who likes heat, they bring it. So make sure that if you order something spicy that you are someone who REALLY like spice. My wife thought she could handle it, but honestly couldn't finish her meal because of the spice. Consider yourself warned.
    Wait time: The wait time for the food was relatively short. We did arrive right before the rush, so I can't confirm how things are when there is a full restaurant. It is probably a bit short staffed (1 waitress) but the cooks were pushing out that food and she was running around, keeping up with the 7 tables that were there. It was a seat yourself type of ordeal because she was running up and down the place.
    Cost: Decent, it's not a dollar menu, but you will be happily full by the time you leave so the cost to me, matches the satisfaction.

    If you are someone who needs friendly, interactive staff, you will not enjoy this restaurant, but if you want good food, without any extra frills, this is a GREAT place to stop if you are passing through the area.
    If ever I get to drive through there again, I'm definitely going to make a plant to stop off here again.
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